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Bicycle Helmet Performance Ratings

Summary: Here are updated 2022 ratings from two independent labs of bicycle helmets tested for both high-level and low-level impacts. Consumer Reports and Virginia Tech ratings can help you select a helmet. Unfortunately, neither has tested many helmets, so the list at the bottom of this page where their ratings concur is short. If your helmet is European, we also have links to the independent Folksam and University of Strasbourg recommendations for European models below.

Consumer Reports: Highest impact protection ratings in February 2022 from high impact testing

Bell Avenue MIPS LED, Bell Nomad MIPS, Bell Soquel MIPS, Bell Stratus MIPS, Bell Super Air MIPS, Bell Trace MIPS, Bern FL-1 Pave, Bern FL-1 Pave MIPS, Bontrager Specter WaveCel, Cannondale Intent MIPS, Cannondale Ryker MIPS, Freetown Lumiere, Garneau Equipe, Garneau Majestic, Giant Rev Comp MIPS, Giro Agilis MIPS, Giro Cinder MIPS, Giro Register MIPS, Kali Alchemy, Lazer Compact DLX MIPS, LEM Flow, Livall Bling BH60, POC Ventral Air Spin NFC, Schwinn Flash, Schwinn Thrasher Adult, Sena R1 Evo, Smith Convoy MIPS, Smith Signal MIPS, Specialized Align ll MIPS, Specialized Chamonix MIPS, Zefal Pro 24,

Virginia Tech: Five Star and Four Star helmets for preventing concussions in February 2022, in alphabetical order

6D ATB-1T EVO, Bell Adrenaline, Bell Annex MIPS, Bell Draft MIPS, Bell Formula MIPS, Bell Sixer MIPS, Bell Stratus MIPS, Bell Z20 Aero MIPS, Bell Z20 MIPS, Bern Union MIPS, Bontrager Ballista MIPS, Bontrager Blaze WaveCel, Bontrager Charge WaveCel, Bontrager Circuit MIPS, Bontrager Circuit WaveCel, Bontrager Quantum MIPS, Bontrager Rally MIPS, Bontrager Rally WaveCel, Bontrager Solstice MIPS, Bontrager Specter WaveCel, Bontrager Starvos WaveCel, Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Asia Fit, Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Round Fit, Bontrager Velocis MIPS, Bontrager XXX WaveCel, Cannondale Ryker AM (MIPS), Catlike Whisper, Four Stars, Fox Dropframe Pro (MIPS), Fox Mainframe (MIPS), Fox Speedframe Pro (MIPS), Giant Path MIPS, Giant Rail SX MIPS, Giant Relay MIPS, Giant Rev Comp MIPS, Giant Rev Pro MIPS, Giant Roost MIPS, Giro Aether Spherical, Giro Caden MIPS, Giro Chronicle MIPS, Giro Fixture MIPS, Giro Foray MIPS, Giro Manifest Spherical, Giro Register, Giro Savant, Giro Sutton MIPS, Giro Syntax MIPS, Giro Synthe, Giro Synthe MIPS, Giro Tyrant Spherical, Kali Therapy, Lazer Anverz NTA MIPS, Lazer BLADE+ MIPS, Lazer Cameleon MIPS, Lazer Cannibal MIPS, Lazer Century MIPS, Lazer Chiru MIPS, Lazer Compact DLX MIPS, Lazer Coyote MIPS, Lazer Cruizer MIPS, Lazer Cyclone MIPS, Lazer G1 MIPS, Lazer Impala MIPS, Lazer Jackal MIPS, Lazer Roller MIPS, Lazer Sphere MIPS, Lazer Tonic MIPS, Lazer Urbanize NTA MIPS, Lazer Z1 MIPS, LEATT DBX 3.0 All Mountain V19.2, Liv Path MIPS, Liv Relay MIPS, Liv Rev Pro MIPS, Louis Garneau Course, Louis Garneau Le Tour II, Louis Garneau Raid MIPS, Nutcase Street (MIPS), POC Octal, POC Octal X SPIN, POC Omne Air SPIN, POC Tectal, POC Tectal Race Spin, Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS, S1 Lifer, Schwinn Intercept, SCOTT ARX PLUS (MIPS), SCOTT ARX PLUS (MIPS) 2020, SCOTT Cadence PLUS (MIPS), SCOTT Centric Plus (MIPS), SCOTT Stego Plus (MIPS), SCOTT Vivo PLUS (MIPS), Smith Forefront, Smith Overtake, Smith Route MIPS, Specialized Align II (MIPS), Specialized Ambush (MIPS), Specialized Ambush (non-MIPS), Specialized Centro (MIPS), Specialized Chamonix MIPS, Specialized Echelon II MIPS, Specialized Mode (MIPS), Specialized Prevail 2 Vent (MIPS), Specialized S-Works Evade II, Specialized S-Works Evade II (MIPS), Specialized S-Works Prevail II, Specialized S-Works Prevail II (MIPS), Specialized Tactic 4 (MIPS), Sweet Protection Trailblazer MIPS, Troy Lee Designs A1 Classic MIPS, Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Decoy, Troy Lee Designs A3 MIPS


Five or Four Va Tech Stars and Excellent CR Impact protection:

Folksam Testing of European Models

The respected Swedish insurance company Folksam publishes extensive helmet test reports every year. Their helmet report for 2020 rates European models, and they provide their actual test data. Note that even US brands included in the test are the helmet sold in Europe, so the test results are irrelevant to US buyers, who would find a different version of the helmet in the US market. If you are buying a European helmet, their recommendations are: Again, these are not the US model! They are the European version, and in most cases would be a completely different helmet to meet the European standard and European marketing requirements, even if the outside appearance and model name is the same. We have a page up on the Hovding airbag.

University of Strasbourg Testing of European Models

The Strasbourg program is known as CERTIMOOV. They have a star rating system with 128 helmet models rated in March 2021.

Their top tier with four stars includes (with rating number): Hovding 3.0 4.5, Alpina Mythos 3.0 LE 4, HONGHUI HONGHUI 4, Kali Alpine Carbone Pulse 4, Lazer Revolution MIPS 4, Casco Activ-2U 4, Limar 555 4, COOP Rawlink 4, Scott ARX 4, Bontrager Starvos-Wavecel 4, MET Espresso 4, Scrapper SCR Urban 2 4/5 Bontrager Starvos MIPS 4, CIGNA CIGNA 4, Harald Nyborg Busetto 4.

The second group, with 3.5 stars: Smith Session-Mips 3.5, Bell Stratus MIPS 3.5, Bontrager Charge-Wavecel 3.5, ALPINA XIMO 3.5, Abus Hyban 2.0 3.5, Specialized Propero 3 3.5, Giro Scamp MIPS 3.5, Casco Roadster 3.5, BTWIN CBH-100 3.5, BTWIN CBH-100 3.5, B'Twin KH 300 3.5, Kask Mojito 16 3.5, BELL Sidetrack-II-MIPS 3.5, Kali Central 3.5, Bobike Baby Helmet One 3.5, Livall BH 60 3.5, ETAPE Pluto-Light 3.5, Scott Spunto 3.5, OLPRAN HM-10 3.5, HARALD-NYBORG Bornehjelm-121791 3.5, Scrapper SCR S038 3.5, Ked Puky PH1 3.5, Uvex Kid-2 3.5, Uvex City i-vo 3.5, Prophete Artikel Nr.0424 3.5, Zerorh ZY 3.5, Alpina Ximo Flash 3.5/5 OXFORD METRO-GLO 3.5, BOBIKE Helmet-One-Plus 3.5, B'Twin 100 3.5, KLS ZIGZAG 3.5, Cratoni Allset 3.5, Giro Quarter FS 3.5/5 Author Creek HST 3.5, Giro Synthe MIPS 3.5, BUTTERFLY KIDZAMO 3.5.

The other helmets tested by CERTIMOOV fell in the 3.0 to 2.0 range.

Once again, these are not the US model! They are the European version, and in most cases would be a completely different helmet to meet the European standard and European marketing requirements, even if the outside appearance and model name is the same.

Concurrence for European models

The only model recommended by Folksam and earning 4 or 3.5 Stars from CERTIMOOV was the Hövding 3 airbag. It is not a helmet and does not meet the European EN1078 helmet standard, but performs very well in some tests if it is deployed and if its air pressure is adequate. We have a page up on it.

French Source of testing data: Que Choisir

There is a French consumer magazine, Que Choisir, that tests bicycle helmets and publishes ratings. Unfortunately the ratings are behind a paywall, and the site refuses to accept our credit cards to subscribe.

Imperial College London has launched a new helmet ratings scheme

Imperial College London's HEAD lab is working in 2022 on a new ratings scheme for "bicycle helmets used on UK roads," funded by a grant from the UK's Road Safety Trust. You can read about the project on this page requesting input on helmet selection. We think it is related to the New Cycle Helmet Assessment Programme (NCHAP). That project had included discussion of a STAR ratings system for European helmets.