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Helmet Fitting Checklist

Summary: This is a checklist to verify helmet fit.

___ Level - The helmet should be level on the rider's head.

___ Rim barely visible - The front rim should be barely visible to the rider's eye

___ Y below the ear - The Y of the side straps should meet just below the ear

___ Snug strap - The chin strap should be snug against the chin so that when the rider opens their mouth very wide the helmet pulls down a little bit.

___ Skin moves a little - Move the helmet side to side and front to back, watching the skin around the rider's eyebrows. It should move slightly with the helmet. If it does not, the fit pads are probably too thin in front or back, or the helmet may even be too large.

___ Stabililizer snug - If there is a rear stabilizer, adjust it until it is snug under the bulge on the rear of the head.

___ Palm test - Have the rider put their palm on the front of the helmet and push up and back. If it moves more than an inch more fitting is required.

___ Shake test - Have the rider shake their head around. This can be fun. If the helmet dislodges, work on the strap adjustments.

___ Ask about comfort - Ask the rider if the helmet is comfortable and check to make sure there are no comfort issues that still need to be addressed.

___ Be ready to switch - Not all helmets fit all heads. Be prepared to use a different helmet if the one you are fitting just will not work for this rider.

Here is a .pdf version for printing out.

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