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Documents on the CPSC Standard

Summary: Some of the documents published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission related to its bicycle helmet standard.

CPSC has a clear and understandable summary of the bike helmet regulations on their Web site. It is the best place to start to get familiar with the requirements and how their standard is applied.

They also have a legal copy of the standard, as it appeared in the Federal Register in 1998, with all the formal language. Since then it has been modified only once, with a letter to manufacturers interpreting the language on projections.

For additional backqround if you need it, back when the standard was adopted CPSC put up the full briefing package that was prepared for the Commissioners to aid in making the decision on their helmet standard. It has useful background if you are trying to understand how the standard came into being.

You can find the documents in five sections. They are in Adobe .pdf format and are large files. You can access the CPSC Index Page and find the five links or use the links below.

BHSI's Collection

We have on our server a number of documents collected as the Consumer Product Safety Commission was developing its standard. Some are copies of those on the CPSC site.

Our page on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Our page on Reporting product safety problems to CPSC.

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