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Bicycle Helmet Designers

Summary: Most bicycle helmet designers are on the staff of a helmet manufacturer. Here is a very short list of the independent designers we are aware of.

We are aware of just three independent helmet designers, one of whom asked not to be listed. We have not worked with the two below, and are not certifying them or taking responsibility for their performance.

  • John Larkin, Machine Language. Mr. Larkin has an impressive portfolio of helmets and many other products that he has designed on his Web site, including the Trek Vapor that was twice picked as a Consumer Reports Best Buy. You can reach him through the Web site or by email.

  • Walt Nestell, Nestell Design. Mr. Nestell is a designer of helmets speed helmets for skiing and time trial cycling. You can reach him through his Web site or by email.

    This page was revised or reformatted on: February 22, 2019.
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