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Bicycle Helmets for Police Officers

Summary: Police officers need helmets that identify them and give maximum protection. They need good ventilation too.

Many police departments have bike patrols, and of course they need helmets. Any good helmet will do, preferably in white or a visible color. Those with police graphics are usually white, with a very large POLICE lettered on them. That perhaps gives them a little more authority.

There are several manufacturers who have, or did, make special edition helmets with police logos. Many have been discontinued.

  • TSG of Switzerland still has a police model. Check our page on helmets for the current season for their current line.

  • Louis Garneau of Canada once had a police graphics model up on their website. It meets the CPSC standard. White with large dark blue POLICE lettering on the sides. We don't know if they are still producing it or not.

  • Fuji has been a major bicycle supplier to the US market for many years. In 2007 they added a helmet line to complement their bikes, with model names matching bike models in most cases. They have one model, the Crosstown with police graphics. It is inmolded with a reasonably rounded profile. It has ring fit (one size fits all) and retails for $42. We don't know if it is still available.

  • Trek once had the Vapor 3 Sport, inmolded with the roundest, smoothest profile in Trek's current lineup, leaving only a minimal rear shelf. Reflective panel and a visor. Available labels included Police, Sheriff, Ranger, Security, EMT, EMS and Marshal. It was available through local Trek dealers. We do not find the police model on Trek's site any more, although a dealer may know more.

  • IHT/Ironman has a police/fire/EMT helmet that has built in LED lights. Ironman is a US brand, but their helmets are made in China.

  • Vigor Sports used to produce their HPX. It was a nicely rounded model with glued on upper and lower shells that has reasonable vents and comes in a police graphic option. Retails for $30. The HPX is no longer in Vigor's lineup, but there may be some out there. Vigor may have the police graphics available on another model that we have not seen. Vigor's helmets are made in Asia.

The country of manufacture seldom has anything to do with the quality or protection of a helmet. We mention it because police procurement sometimes has constraints.

For further info on police bike gear of all kinds, we would refer you to the International Police Mountain Bike Association. The organization was founded by officers who ride bike patrol and have a lot of experience in the field.

To check for updates to this info, go to our Helmets for the Current Year page, and do a search for police.

We have a page on police enforcement of safety regulations.

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