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Promises, promises

The web is a here-and-now medium, and what you plan on doing tomorrow is generally not very interesting to people who need information today. So you will not usually see any "under construction" notices on this site outside of this page.

We list our ideas for new projects here only to give you a chance to help. If you have something to contribute to any of the pages we are planning when we get a round tuit, please send us your thoughts, ideas, data, references, whatever.

Pages we wish we had up

  • Helmet crossword puzzles for various age groups.

  • Helmet games for kids.

  • A helmet fitter's training course.

  • A page on helmet marketing.

  • Better statistics on the number of helmets sold each year.

  • A child's helmet with a slow-release buckle to prevent playground problems.

  • A full analysis of rotational injury thresholds and rotational helmet dynamics.

  • Lab impact test results for all helmets currently on the market.

  • A page rating helmets for avoiding concussions, if that is possible.

  • A detailed page on the meaning of life.

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