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Rad Graphics!

Summary: We are pleased that there is now a site on the 'net with the graphics pizaaaz for young riders.

Rad Rider

This is the best site for downloading the comic character Rad Rider, sponsored by a non-profit HMO in California, the Inland Empire Health Plan.

There is a whole 20-page comic book on this site, with huge full-page graphic files that load quickly in blurred form to keep your interest and sharpen as the file continues to come over the wire. Rad Rider is a muscular hero who takes a whole page to get his helmet on just right before he charges off on his bike after the bad Dr. Hardrive, heeding safety rules all the way. There is a chase scene, and moderate violence. The Mayor seems grateful as Rad Rider rescues her. This is great stuff!

- - - Talk balloons change in synch with his lips!

There is also a link to this Rad Rider video on YouTube.

Note: There was once a site called "Cranium Canyon" sponsored by McDonalds and the Consumer Product Safety Commission as part of a helmet promotion campaign they launched in April of 1999. The graphics were great and they had downloadable photos as well. But the site has disappeared from the old URL "bikehelmet.org" and we have not been able to find the material anywhere else.
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