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Bike Helmet Term Paper Ideas

Summary: This page will help you find info to write your term paper on bike helmets.

This page helps you do research. It does not write your paper for you. If you cut and paste our material, you should use quotes and don't pretend it's yours. This site is very well indexed by Google and the other search engines. Your instructor will find the phrase you have borrowed in a heartbeat. Read our stuff and do your own writing. The info is here, we'll help you find it, and it's just not that hard!

Some helmet topics we cover

  • The Ideal Helmet is a long page on what the ideal bike helmet would look like. Along the way it tells you a lot about how a helmet should perform.

  • The History of Helmets is a page on how bike helmets developed.

  • Helmet Laws is our page listing the State and local helmet laws in the US and some of the ones elsewhere. There is some discussion of how well the laws work.

  • Opponents of Helmet Laws is a page about arguments we have seen against helmet laws and even against helmets. The page also has links to sites who specialize in that, and you get to make up your own mind about who is right.

  • Helmets for Children has info on toddler helmets and more about biking with very young kids.

  • Helmet construction takes you through how a helmet is made, the materials and more.

  • What happens in a crash gives you an idea of what the helmet does when you hit.

  • Helmet Standards is a long dull page on the standards that good helmets have to meet, and why we think standards are so important.

  • Other Helmets is a page on helmets for skate, horse, ski and other sports.

  • Statistics has jillions of stats on helmet use from a wide variety of sources. The summarized ones are at the top. If you see big tables of numbers, skip them--they are for people who believe in the accuracy of things they read on the Internet. But do look further down the page for the more interesting stuff, and use the links to find the data at the original source so you can avoid any mistakes we may have made and have more sources to use in your footnotes.

    For more ideas:

  • Our research page has pointers to more info.

  • Our Toolkit for Helmet Promotions has lots more pointers to info to check out if you are writing about helmet promotion programs.

  • Our Documents Page has the studies and other materials we have scanned in.

  • Our search function can find the rest!

    We hope this helps you decide to do a paper on helmets. While you are doing that you will educate your classmates, your teacher and yourself on the subject. What you learn will help you for the rest of your life.

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