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Exemptions to British Columbia's Helmet Law

Announced in September, 1996

Summary: British Columbia exempted 5 categories of riders from their helmet law.


Exemptions to BC's bicycle helmet legislation were announced today by Transportation and Highways Minister Lois Boone.

The exemptions are:

  • anybody wearing religious headwear that makes compliance impossible;
  • pedicab operators and their passengers;
  • children under 12 who ride tricycles or play vehicles;
  • cyclists with head circumferences larger than 64 centimetres (size 8 hat or larger);
  • those who have medical conditions that make helmet use unfeasible.

"Although the government would like to see all cyclists in British Columbia decrease their risk of injury or death, we realize there are some very legitimate reasons for allowing a degree of flexibility in the law's application" said Boone.

"Deeply held religious traditions, certain medical or physical reasons, and stability factors found in some but not all cycles form what we consider a common sense argument justifying these exceptions.

"I believe these exemptions are fair and progressive," added Boone.

The exemptions are effective immediately.

We have a page up on helmet law exemptions

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