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Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs

Summary: References and resources for promoting helmets. The materials are also available on paper--see below

Resources specific to helmet safety:

Materials on Paper and DVD or USB thumb drive

We have a Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs that includes some of the materials above on paper. Here is the file we print out to send you the Toolkit. It also includes duplicating masters of our pamphlets and other handout materials. There is a CD with the program manual and a California manual described above. And finally, we include four DVD's with the three DOT bike helmet and safety videos and four other helmet safety videos. We can also send the videos on a USB thumb drive if that format is better for you.

We send the Toolkit to you free, and you are welcome to duplicate any of the materials for school, police or any other non-profit use by a non-profit organization. (For-profits please check with us, except for local bike shops, who are encouraged to duplicate and hand out any of our materials.) Just email us. Be sure to give us a postal mailing address if you want the Toolkit! We can usually get it in the mail to you within 24 hours, but if you need it sooner there are links to all of the materials here on this page. Here is more on requesting our materials, and here is a pdf file with the contents of the Toolkit if you can't wait for snail mail.

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