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Summary: We do not permit cutting and pasting our text and we do not permit you to reproduce a whole page of ours on your site.

Thanks for checking this page.

Links to us are always ok, and you don't have to ask permission. Links to us are not likely to go stale. The configuration of our web page files is usually very stable. When we do make a change, we maintain a persistent link, so there is an automatic referral page there when people connect.

Although we have a very permissive policy on reproduction of our pamphlets and other info by non-profit helmet promotion programs, posting on the web is a different situation. Universal use of search engines permits anyone to find our content with simple searches, so there is no advantage for consumers to have content duplicated on the web. We update and improve our stuff constantly, and we could not do that if you have used it. So we ask that you not cut and paste our text or reproduce any of our pages on your site no matter how you intend to attribute them.

Randy Swart

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