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Bicycle Helmet Materials for
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Summary: We are very pleased to provide our materials to teachers and teaching students. Some of the pages below are also available on paper if you prefer that format.

We're glad you came!

We are glad to provide the Web pages listed below and to mail our printed materials to teachers and teaching students. as well as police officers, fire fighters, health departments, clinics, hospitals, scout leaders, concerned parents and others who promote bicycle safety in their community. See below for info on the printed package.

The list below is from our Toolkit page, edited down to the materials that are probably most interesting to teachers:

Other Sites

  • The WABA Bike Safety Site has an extensive set of manuals and instructions for teaching on-street bicycle safety courses and rodeos, including a lesson handbook, teacher's guide, sample letters and waivers, forms, evaluation techniques and more. Good stuff!

  • The California Department of Health Services has a very useful site up with many materials for school-based helmet promotion campaigns. They have lesson plans (link below) and a Spanish-language pamphlet and other materials. Worth a look!

  • Healthcom Interactive has a free teacher's resource guide in .pdf format that includes six activities, among them an egg drop, a scanning lesson, stop and search left/right/left, hand signals and a rap-style helmet song for grades 2 and 3. The free resource guide ties into their Bike Smart CD, a $20 purchase.

  • Brain Injury: A Manual for Educators from the Colorado Department of Education helps teachers deal with brain injured students. "Teachers have to consider the possibility that a child's learning problems could stem from a brain injury. The student with a brain injury may have problems in school that look the same as children with other disabilities."

  • How Not to Get Hit by Cars is a useful way to approach bicycle safety, emphasizing that "wearing a helmet will do absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting hit by a car."

Need this on paper?

If you need the above resources on paper, we have a free packet of materials that we call our Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs. It comes with a CD that has a complete copy of our Web site. It is printed on paper with recycled content. It has many but not all of the materials listed above, along with duplicating masters of our pamphlets.

If you are working on a helmet safety program or assembling a resource folder of materials for future classroom use, please send us an email with your postal mailing address and we will send you a Toolkit.

We will acknowledge your email and tell you when we are mailing the Toolkit, normally within a day. We don't use your email address for anything except that reply, but if you would rather not use it at all, just pick up a dull pencil and drop us a postcard or note with your mailing address to:

    Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
    4611 7th Street South
    Arlington, VA 22204-1419

If you would rather not send a mailing address, you can just print out the materials above or download the files. Everything we have in our Toolkit is on the Web site. Everything. It's just not on paper. If you can't wait for snail mail, here is the entire file we print out to send to you in .pdf format, and here it is a Word format version if your system will accept Word files. Add the pamphlet files above and you have it all!

You are free to duplicate any of the materials in the Toolkit or on our Web pages for school or other nonprofit use provided that the material may not be sold or incorporated into material that is for sale and may not be used in presentations for which a charge is made to the participant.

We do not charge for our materials, and do not send you anything suggesting a donation to make you feel guilty, either. We find that asking people for money complicates things and reduces our outreach, and people who are going to donate something to support our work will do it anyway.

Would you like our email newsletter?

We produce a periodic newsletter on helmet developments and send it around by email. We send one when there is news to report, not every week or month. It's free, of course. If you would like us to add you to the newsletter list, please send us an email.

Are we missing anything?

We are an advocacy organization with a long-range perspective, so teachers and community educators are our favorite visitors and we will do anything we can to help you find what you need. If you see something missing that would be useful for your classroom or demonstration, please send us an email. We may or may not be able to add it to our site, but we certainly want to try! If you find helmet materials elsewhere that are not on our list, please let us know about that as well so we can add a link. Other teachers led us to some of the items above in just that way.

This page was revised or reformatted on: February 21, 2019.
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