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Finding Info on Equestrian Helmets

Summary: Equestrian expert Dru Malavase answer a frequently asked question about where the find equestrian helmet info.

From: Dru Malavase

Subject: Equestrian Helmets

Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 - (her email is still valid in 2005)

I'd be glad to answer any helmet questions you have, but I don't have any sort of routine handout.

1. A wonderful source of medical/riding helmet information is www.law.utexas.edu/dawson/ (now a dead link)

Scroll down and choose American Medical Equestrian Association

Scroll down their site until you get to the indexes for AMEA NEWS

Almost every month has information on ASTM/SEI helmets and related topics.

2. www.nyshc.org Scroll down to the various things listed, and click on "Safety". It has helmet information, in particular about the NY State new helmet law.

3.www.equestrianlife.com. There is a new article up on why people should wear ASTM/SEI helmets

4. If you need technical information about ASTM: www.astm.org

5. If you want a list of the helmets passing ASTM F1163 and SEI Certified: www.seinet.org

Select "certified products"
Scroll down to "equestrian helmets"

And don't hesitate to ask about anything you find confusing.

Dru Malavase